Choreography & Music by Jamie de Groot

Semi-Prof Group

Pepper & Spice

In 2019 jamie started the group Pepper & Spice. It’s is a combined initiative of Tribes dance & yoga* & Dance Company The Kitchen.
It is a semi- professional dance group, which offers motivated and talented people the opportunity to follow their passion and to train and perform on a high level.

Willemieke Verweij and Jamie de Groot are the artistic leaders of the group. In close collaboration, they form and shape the group.

The group works with Jamie on their own performances, own work and in collaboration with other disciplines, or in bigger productions of The Kitchen itself.

*Tribes is a Dance & Yoga studio based in the center of Leiden.
They offer dance courses, workshops, yoga lessons and retreats.

For more information about Tribes dance & yoga, check the link below:

Tribes dance & yoga

We Are Golden

Year: 2019

Choreography & Music: Jamie de Groot

Dancers: Michelle de Groot, Sophie de Raadt, Sofieke Dekker,
Sophieke Klijnstra, Nicky van Banning, Kim Meijssen, Onur Tayranoğlu,
Kanerva Kyrölä, (Helena Hecker)

Pictures: JP Kranenburg

‘We Are Golden’ is a performance specially made for
Museum Night Leiden.
The theme of this event was gold. A short theatrical dance piece inspired by The Oscars Acadamy Awards, performed on the Doelenbrug Leiden.

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