Choreography & Music by Jamie de Groot



Year: 2018

Dancers: Anton van der Sluis, Debora Regoli,
Mayke van Veldhuizen, Jamie de Groot
Cellist: Pau Marquès Oleo
Decor: Rob de Groot

NOISE is a cinematic dance performance about dreams, where reality and a parallel universe come together in a confusion of time and space. A unique collaboration of mime, dance and live music from cellist Pau Marquès Oleo.

When we close our eyes, our brain comes to a rest and the true self speaks to us, but do we dare to listen to it?

A story about the noise that our rational brain creates in our busy every day life, daring listen to our soul and subconscious and the courage to show our vulnerable self in this hard busy society.

Casual to Street

Year: 2017
Dancer: Jamie de Groot
Clothes: Hudson’s Bay

A solo in collaboration with the Hudson’s Bay, for the opening of the new shopping round in Leiden, The Netherlands.

A man drowned in his own musical world can’t decide what to wear for the day. Casual, chique, sporty, street,…. it’s all so nice!

Urban Castaway

Year: 2017
Dancers: Debora Regoli, Mayke van Veldhuizen, Jamie de Groot
Video projection: VJ Jayo Tony & VJ Shurly

At first for this piece Jamie did a research at Sally’s dansgezelschap in 2016. In 2017 they finished the piece and made the full version in collaboration with the VJ Academy.

The audience rated the piece 4,5 stars out of 5, for their first review they got 3 stars from the Theaterkrant and was
in the top 10 of Delft Fringe Festival.

Are we in this time paying to much attention about what people think of us? Can we nowadays still enjoy the little things in life and stay true to ourselves?

Urban Castaway tells a story about 3 characters that try to fit in this world by entering ‘the game of life’. But can they mentally and physically handle it, without losing their true self?”

Stay (Up) Date

Year: 2015 / 2017
Dancers: Debora Regoli, Mayke van Veldhuizen, Jamie de Groot

A duet created partly in residency at Sally’s dansgezelschap in 2015. Performed by Mayke van Veldhuizen (2nd cast Emma Evelein) and Jamie de Groot on many festivals throughout the Netherlands. In 2017 a prologue story was added to the piece performed by Debora Regoli. 

Stay (Up) Date won the price for the best young maker in Rijswijks Pracht 2017.

Today, the first date with a partner is increasingly conducted online.
Can we still see it as real? 
How do we compare a “real” relationship with an “online” relationship? And does the perfect partner exist? 

Stay (Up) Date tells a story about the path of finding love in a time where the society is drowned in technology.

Sir. Realism

Year: 2016
Dancers: Remy Tilburg, Jamie de Groot

A short looped duet created for Schemerstad Leiden in 2016.

Inspired by surrealistic art (Le fils de l’homme – René Magritte)
and symbols of dreams.


Year: 2014
Dancers: Jordan Achiano, Mayke van Veldhuizen, Jamie de Groot

A short piece performed on Dansmakers Open Podium 2014 and Open Public for We Are Public in the Melkweg Amsterdam.

What if we are used in the future as lab-rats?
When we set a boundary in modifying nature?
What is the future of the human ras?

Three humans wake up in a laboratory and forgot their identity.
Their animal survival instinct pops up, when they get the feeling not to be save.

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