Choreography & Music by Jamie de Groot


The Kitchen is an interdisciplinary dance company with choreography and music made by Jamie de Groot.

Since 2014 he performed his own work on many festivals throughout the Netherlands. With The Kitchen he researches the pure essence of dance; movement on music. He wants to bring cinematic storylines to the audience by using strong, energetic and dynamic movements, physical images with recognizable emotions and body language of humanity.

He works on the way how non-verbal communication on rhythm and the right usage of musical atmospheric compositions (what he creates himself) can bring something emotional towards the audience. He tries to reach this goal by researching empathy. With the interdisciplinary way of creating, recognizability and talks after the performances he is seeking more understanding and support for theatre dance.

He is convinced that his projects work well for a width range of audience. Besides regular shows, he aims for a big diversity in creating his projects. These projects can be focussed on a variety of purposes, as in: cultural entertainment, combination of scientific research and art, and marketing, with a fresh contemporary view on musical, theatrical and physical performances, short said dance.

His work is supported by Stichting Dance Company The Kitchen.

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